Busy, busy, busy...!

August 2015. 

Well, it's been a good wee while since my last blog. I've been busy here. Working at school has been busy and I then had to leave early as I had to care for my mum. Since then I have been trying to juggle being a stay-at-home-Carer-Illustrator type person! 

The past few months I've been trying to push my illustration style, with the advice from my lovely Agents. I've been trying to produce work that's of a sophisticated manner, but at the same time retaining my inner creative Yeti. I've been trying to use less black ink line work and instead, use colours instead. This has brought upon work that I feel looks more fresh, clean, vibrant and more 'airy' (Is that a word?!) I've also tried to play on my strengths_drawing animals and jungle scenes. Maybe I was a jungle/forest dwelling creature in a previous life, who knows!  

I've also adopted a new way of working, pretty much like what Sir Quentin Blake uses, a light box to trace the initial drawing. This is considerably much more fun and saves me producing a drawing that has masses of eraser marks on! 


I've also been busy trying to produce new, fresher work for my agent and am nearly there. 

Here's a wee sneak peak:

Also, I've produced and donated an original illustration for a cause that I believe is truly great, AccessArt. The Access-Art-Share-A-Bird-Project invites artists and creatives to create a piece of art, a bird be it a drawing, a model etc. The piece of artwork is then sent to a school close to the artists residence together with an inspirational messenger from the artist. There main goals are:

  • To celebrate and highlight the diversity of artists and makers in the UK today.
  • To demonstrate the importance of visual arts education for all.

I think that this is an AMAZING cause to be part of and hope it can help raise more awareness for art to be taught in our schools. 

Here's my illustration that I donated, drawn with an actual Blue Macaw feather that I made into a quill pen!