Wow, this hasn't been updated for a long time!

Well, things have been pretty busy. School has been busy and that isn't the half of it. I've been busy working on new samples, trying to hone my craft and get to a stage where drawing and making pictures and telling stories doesn't take too much out, but puts more in. Weird right? I think it's wanting to go back to being a child and having that ease of thought, line work and colour. I think it's working :)

So, going back, here's what's happened so far:


I was honoured to have a print of one of my illustrations featured in the annual SCBWI Illustrator showcase! The showcase was also exhibited at the 2015 SCBWI-BI Conference!

"...tigers eat penguins!"

"...tigers eat penguins!"

The online gallery can be seen here, there are a whole heap of other wonderful illustrations by wonderful Illustrators!

More SCBWI! I was also lucky enough to win the SCBWI-BI illustrationcompetition to re-imagine a Roald Dahl character! I choose Crocky Wock! fun it was to draw this!